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Cyber Fantasy . Spinexpo project AW22

created in 2021

Cyber Fantasy is an “imaginary” world within another world. It comes from an expanding digital existence. It’s an escapism, hope, an idealisation of freedom and development. We have made peace with virtual life and accepted to explore the world digitally without leaving our homes. This project looks at neurotechnology and explores ideas of wearables that allows the user to bring digital and physical existences even closer together.

The woven collection of fabrics, trimmings and accessories developed for this trend story play with visual effects of materials such as UV and reflective yarns as well as holographic films applied to some of the designs. The fabrics explore the idea of two worlds by using warps of dark next to light coloured yarns, Taqueté and double cloth techniques allow for creation of flowing patterns. While the trimmings and accessories focus on different levels and layers woven simultaneously to create one piece or item. 

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