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Dream Abound . Spinexpo SS22

created in. 2021


Dream abound finds inspiration in the Brazilian revolutionary artistic movement Tropicalia.  It is mainly known as a movement in music but the visual arts was an important part of it. One of its pioneers was Hélio Oiticica whose work challenges the traditional boundaries of art, and its relationship with life, and to undermine the separation of the art-object from the viewer, whom he turned into an active participant.  Tropicalia was an explosion of cultural creativity in Rio and São Paulo, absorbing all cultural influences to create something new and break stereotypes of the image of Brazil internationally as being a tropical paradise.

Sophisticated yet fun, colourful and full of rhythm. This collection explores layers of texture and colours through the use of extra warps and wefts over painted warps and in some cases beads are woven into the fabric. Patterns come through in sections adding depth to the fabric. Soft and fine yarns are used so the extra layers don’t make a heavy fabric. Woven trimmings include hand made fancy yarns and recycled materials.

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