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Emotional Turbulence . Spinexpo project AW23

created in 2022

My interpretation for the Emotional Turbulence story for Spinexpo AW23 emerged from an interest in our emotional connection with food, food supply and supply of food and how this might look like in the future. For this particular presentation my research lead me to focus on food waste that has been transformed into new materials. This body of work consists of mats, bowls, cups, plates and serviettes. Today the choice of these type of materials is vast and since my time on this project was restricted I was only able to experiment with some. The cloth was handwoven using linen yarns and a yarn blend of 60% cotton and 40% S.Cafe® (Fibre from used waste ground coffee), seaweed and nettle yarns were used for decorative stitching. Some of the fabrics I coated in beeswax making the fabric waterproof. The mats were made using strips of Piñatex® (leather alternative material made from cellulose fibres extracted from pineapple leaves).

For the bowls, plates and cups I used 3D printer filaments also made with waste from the food and beverage industry these include: beer, coffee, mussel, clams, corn and the common plant based PLA. 

Triaxial weaving: Piñatex® , Bowl: mussel, plant based PLA

Plate and bowl: Mussel PLA

Fabric: Linen, cotton, S.Cafe®. Sphere: plant PLA

Mat: Piñatex®, seaweed, plant PLA. Fabric: Linen, cotton, S.Cafe®

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