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FETT project . University of Southampton

FETT Project, Novel manufacturing methods for Functional Electronic Textiles.

created . 2018-2019


The fabrics below are part of a collaborative project between the University of Southampton, Nottingham Trent University and 10 commercial partners.  It is concerned with the research and development of new assembly methods that add electronic functionality to textiles. The overall objective of the research is to develop new manufacturing assembly methods that enable the reliable packaging of advanced electronic components (e.g. microcontrollers, sensors) in ultra-thin die form within a textile yarn. The programme of research will investigate approaches for mounting the ultra-thin die onto thin flexible polymer films strips that contain patterned conductive interconnects and bond pads. Individual die will be located on the strip and encapsulated to form a die pod and conductive tracks on the plastic substrate will link the die pods together forming a long, very thin, flexible circuit or electronic filament.

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