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Past Stillness . Spinexpo AW22

created in . 2021

Past-Stillness represents memories of a pre-pandemic life, a reflection on freedom and the environments we live in. We learned to appreciate and understand the benefits of spending time outdoors with nature and aim to recreate some of those environments indoors. We long for Nature’s sounds and textures and value time of quietness and freedom even more. But it also shows us an idea of life at a slower pace where we have time to appreciate detail and quality of the things we choose to have and even make. Our attention to Nature increased and we want to feel close to it all the time.

The visual inspiration for this trend comes from plant life overlayered on the ground creating textures and shadows at different depths. At times these shadows remind us of lace, knotting and open textile work.

Traditional weaving techniques used in this collection have a modern twist with printed leaf patterns adding flow with shadowy effects. Stripes of natural shades of cashmere are overlayed with colourful leaf prints and weaving structures

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